Lyrimo 4: … das Große beginnt im Kleinen

Heute zum Thema „…das Große beginnt im Kleinen“ mal was ganz enthemmt Kitschiges:


Can one person change the world? Why yes, we can and do.

Every day in every way we make it all anew.

And still this world, it seems to stay the way it’s always been

Quite unpleasant, vicious, cold, sad, and low, and mean.

The change we wreak is as are we: Small and in quick decay.

But still we have the chance, each day, to forge a better way.

We choose the way we meet our lives, clenched fists or open hands.

We choose when to smile and nod, and when to take our stands.

And though we cannot choose the way our world turns out tomorrow,

We make a lot of other humans‘ joy and love and sorrow.

We do our best to understand our fellow people’s path,

or we fastly close our hearts and give in to wrath.

So think about the little ways in which you change the world,

Think about what others did, and how history unfurled.

Try to make your changes towards something better

Though it may sound cheesy, we can do it together.

Gib's mir!

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