1 thing militant agnostics need to stop saying

21. August 2013

Many thanks to the Facebook-Page „Pissing Off The Religious Right“. As far as I understand, this is their image.

There’s another article I had already decided not to discuss here, but then I found the above picture and no other pretext for using it realized that I haven’t contributed to religious debate for quite some time, and that this might even be a good opportunity to defend some religious positions, which is rare and noble indeed, and since I like being both those things, here we are, so let’s dig into

4 Things Both Atheists and Believers Need to Stop Saying!

Gladstone (which is, apparently, the author’s pen name at cracked.com) starts off with a textbook example of militant agnostic argument:

For a moment, take a step back and forget all the ideas that come to mind when you hear the word „God.“ Forget about organized religion and everything that flows from it. […] Just a force in the universe, not only more powerful than humanity, but greater than anything we have known. Something beyond mere biology with the ability to create worlds and predetermine tomorrow’s history. By definition, it’s almost too much to comprehend

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