Defending Twilight. Yes. Yes, you read that correctly. Yes. Yes, really. Yes, damnit now stop asking and start reading!

18. November 2012

And also yes, another English post. But not to worry, this is not necessarily a trend. It’s just because the original post I’m defending Twilight from is in English, because I feel like it and because I’m trying to lure the English-speaking fanbase of the books and movies onto my blog, and in the darkness bind them. Besides, it wouldn’t be fair to criticise someone in a language she (probably) doesn’t understand.

So, on with the defense. Why defend Twilight? Well. I stumbled upon this feminist critique by Sarah (who apparently gets critical on a regular basis, which I approve of) and enjoyed it very much, but I found some things I consider unfounded, and I’d like to point those out, because … Well I guess I’m just that kind of pedantic ass, and besides I love to defend stuff and people I disagree with, because it feels so damn righteous.

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